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Evan Stern
Evan Stern
July 06, 20234 min
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A few weeks ago, I was in Chicago visiting with my sisters and my nephew; Ben. Ben is 7. Ben likes video games. Ben likes old video games that I played when I was his age. Ben also enjoys computers and programming and watching me program websites.

I spent a few hours with him building a small web application from scratch and taking copious screenshots of my code so he could print them out and pretend he was doing the programming himself.

I ended up building him a straightforward Pokémon search application. I decided on the app concept and the pokéapi because I didn't find a good video game API quickly enough to hold his attention (look, he's 7), and I knew about the pokéapi as I've recycled this project in a few front end development challenges I've given out to potential hires.

The whole experience was a blast, and I thought: "why not build Ben something he would want to use?" So, here we are at 10:30 PM, with too much caffeine in my blood and a mission to impress my nephew with my web development abilities.

And, if, on the way, I can teach someone a bit about web development and the Remix framework and kill some late-night hours, all the better!

What Are We Going To Build?

We're going to build a simple web application using the Remix framework. The basic idea is to allow my nephew to search for a video game, see some information and an image, and let him add those video games to a list of his favorite games.

What Are The Features?

Users will be able to:

Create an account, log in and out

This is obvious, I think.

Search for a video game by name, genre, tag, etc.

Ben likes to look for games by name, but I want to make sure he can find games by other criteria.

View a list of results from the search

I want to make sure that Ben can find the games he wants to play.

Click on the result to see details about the game

We have to have a way for him to learn more about the game!

Print the details about the game

Ben likes to print things out and pretend. I want to make sure he can print out the details about the game.

Add a game to a favorites list

Ben likes to keep track of the games he likes. I want to make sure he can do that.

View the favorites list

I want to make sure he can see the games he likes.

Remove items from the favorites list

Ben is fickle. I want to make sure he can remove games from his favorites list.

Other Features and Limitations

I want this app to be as simple as possible. I want to make sure that Ben can use it without my help. I also want to make sure that I can build it in a reasonable amount of time. But, I also want to make sure that I can show off some of the cool features of Remix. So, with that in mind, here are some other features and limitations I'm going to impose on the application.

We're going to use the official Remix Indie Stack template

The Indie Stack template is a great starting point for a Remix application like this. It has a SQLite database, authentication, and a few other things that will make building this app easier. Why reinvent the wheel?

We're going to use the RAWG API

The RAWG API is a great video game API. It has a ton of information about video games, and it's free to use. It's also easy to use, and it has a lot of information about video games that I think Ben will like.

The app will be responsive

Ben will probably use this app on his iPad, so I want to make sure it looks good on a tablet.

We are going to limit the platforms to the various Nintendo consoles

Ben is a Nintendo fanboy. I want to make sure he can find games for his favorite consoles.

We are going to hide mature games

Ben is 7. I don't want him to see games that are too mature for him.

Let's Build an App!

So, now that we have a plan, let's get started! I've got a lot of work to do. Stay tuned for the next article, as I'll be posting updates as I build the app.

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