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Evan Stern
Evan Stern
July 07, 20234 min
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We're using the "indie stack" from Remix. But I always need to customize the defaults because I'm difficult. I really should create my own stack to make this easier on myself in the future.

I like to use the supa fly stack's module system as a starting point. I like "supa fly stack." However, it uses "supabase," which I'm not using here, so I will steal what I want from it and move on.

Things to do:

  • Remove the "notes" services
  • Remove the "notes" routes
  • Update the Prisma schema to remove "notes"
  • Update links to "notes" to point to "games"
  • Tweak some of the content
  • Update the seed
  • Create migrations
  • Refactor into modules
  • Update tests
  • Make sure everything runs
  • Deploy!

Step 1:Remove some files

I removed these files:

  • ~/app/routes/notes.tsx
  • ~/app/routes/
  • ~/app/routes/notes._index.tsx
  • ~/app/routes/notes.$noteId.tsx
  • ~/models/note.server.ts

Doing this surgery didn't break as much as you might think. Mostly I fixed up some references to "notes" throughout the code by updating links to the "notes" pages to point to a future "games" page.

Create a stub route.

We're going to have a /games route. I will create it now to make things easier later on. Currently, it is elementary, has a "logout" link, and displays nothing.

import type { LoaderArgs } from '@remix-run/node';
import { json, redirect } from '@remix-run/node';
import { Form, Link } from '@remix-run/react';
import { getUserId } from '~/session.server';
import { useUser } from '~/utils';
export const loader = async ({ request }: LoaderArgs) => {
const userId = await getUserId(request);
if (!userId) return redirect('/login');
return json({});
export default function Games() {
const user = useUser();
return (
<div className="flex h-full min-h-screen flex-col">
<header className="flex items-center justify-between bg-slate-800 p-4 text-white">
<h1 className="text-3xl font-bold">
<Link to="/games">Games</Link>
<Form method="post" action="/logout">
className="rounded bg-slate-600 px-4 py-2 text-blue-100 hover:bg-blue-500 active:bg-blue-600"

Fix tests

Our tests broke, though!

I expected that. But I will fix these issues as they crop up so they don't snowball on me.

These tests needed to be updated:

  • ~/cypress/

I removed the "create a new note" test and updated the "register and login" test so it navigates to the new /games route rather than the /notes route.

Since we added the /games stub route and ensured there was a "logout" button on the page, the tests ran successfully!

Update the Prisma Schema and Seed

As we remove all references to "notes," we must remove the Prisma database schema for "notes" and the associated seeds.

Files updated:

  • ~/prisma/schema.prisma
  • ~/prisma/seed.ts

I removed the "notes" schema and deleted the "notes[]" reference from "user."

I removed the seeded note entries.

Finally, I ran prisma migrate dev, which created a migration to apply my changes.

Clean up the UI a little

We need to update the UI to reflect the new "games" theme. I will do this in a few steps.

First, I want a picture that Ben will like and has something to do with his favorite game, "Super Mario World." Next, I want to update the colors to match the picture. Finally, I want to update the content to be more relevant to games.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi

I think that looks pretty good. I'm not a designer, but I think it's a good start.


I like the way the "supa fly stack" is organized. I will use it as a starting point for my own code organization.

Basically, each module will encompass a set of related functionality. For example, a "user" module will handle all the user-related functionality, and an "auth" module will handle all the authentication-related functionality.

You can see the final code here on GitHub

You can see the final app here on

Join me for the next article in this series, where we will a side menu!

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